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Clients and colleagues speak about Dr. Fagerson's work


Patient Stories: Testimonials

"Dr. Tim is a truly outstanding physical therapist! Not only is he quick with scheduling an appointment (because when you have pain, you need help quickly) - but the service he provides is unparalleled. He focuses exclusively and intensely on YOU with customized treatment for the entire appointment - unlike other PT "shops" that have you waste time at the visit doing the same exercises everyone across the room is doing too. Tim was recommended to me by a friend whose daughter had a ski injury and had been to several of "the best" PTs in town but she was getting nowhere. Tim got her on the path to recovery. I see him periodically for back alignment issues and he has worked wonders. Don't be scared away by having to pay out of pocket - it is worth EVERY PENNY!"

Jo (Patient)

“Tim is THE physical therapist to go to for expert knowledge and results. As a former patient he treated my bursitis hip problem.”

Sharon (Patient)

“Tim is an outstanding diagnostician and therapist. I trust his judgement completely. I have referred patients, family, and friends. When i am stumped by a patient's condition, Tim is who I refer them to. He is always able to provide the necessary treatment and plan.”

Ruben (Massage Therapist)

“In June of 2009, I joined an OTH (Over the Hill) soccer team and discovered that my speed on the pitch was not equal to the competition. Being the competitor that I am, I was committed to finding a speed coach who could give me immediate results. Through a close friend, I was referred to Dr Tim Fagerson and hired him for a training session. Dr Fagerson guided me through a stretching, warm up and speed training program on the Wellesley HS track. After following his plan for the past 2 months, I shaved significant time off my 40 and my 100 meter sprints. I have found a gear that was last felt in high school. My soccer game has benefited greatly. In addition to his exceptional PT work, I strongly endorse Dr Fagerson if you ever have a "need for speed".”

Todd (Client)

“Tim is without a doubt one of the best physical therapists that this body has ever discovered. His knowledge of anatomy and movement are extraordinary. Not only is he skilled, but his humor, concern and willingness to explain everything in layman's terms makes one feel secure and confident in his care. His approach is unique relative to most--you never feel like you're getting half time or on an assembly line with Tim.”

Cheryl (Patient)

“Tim is one of 2 people I highly recommend in the field of Manual Physical Therapy in the Boston area because his abilities are off the charts. Tim's hands on approach make him ahead of most of his colleagues as well as his assessments to all degrees of injuries with his clients. I have referred clients to Tim for over 20 years and have had much success in the healing process. Thank you Tim. Patti Haladay, CMT, LMT”

Patti (Massage Therapist)

"I'm grateful for Tim's immediate response and expert treatments which put me on the road to recovery from a painful hematoma in my right leg."

Bob (Patient)

"Dr. Tim Fagerson is a gifted clinician. He is a master diagnostician who considers the presenting problem within the context of whole patient.  I was advised to have surgery on two occasions and both times he treated my injuries with thoughtful, gentle interventions until I was completely pain free.  In addition to his clinical work, he is a researcher, teacher, athlete and coach.  He loves his work and shares information about the latest developments in the field.  As an M.D. myself, I appreciate his professionalism and skill.  I have referred family members and friends to him with complete confidence.  He is the best."

Susan (Patient)

"Go Dr. Fagerson--I enjoy your newsletters and the fact that I now can walk wherever I want without pain and have been able to for more than a year thanks to my orthopaedic surgeon and your wonderful care."

Dr. L (Patient)

"Tim Fagerson has helped me to believe, for the first time, in the capacity of the body to become a stronger and more reliable place to live.  His warmth and enthusiastic commitment to the well-being of the patient allows me to believe in the possibility of healing myself.He has somehow changed my mindset from thinking in terms of “injury” to training to be an athlete!  He figures out multiple complex issues with reflection, humility, humor and brilliance.  He is always kind and respectful and is able to coach his patient as if they were part of his very best team. Sometimes, there is to be found in the world, a person with a gift of simplifying the complex world of the body and all it’s idiosyncrasies, to modify what does not work so well into something strong enough to depend on, to give another the courage to change… a person who with great intelligence, wisdom, compassion and skill, cares for the ultimate good of another. This person is Tim Fagerson."

Dee (Patient)

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