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At SOSPT, Inc., every client receives a very detailed and thorough diagnostic examination. A plan for treatment is then determined and treatment of the highest quality is provided. The focus is always one-on-one care with the same clinician, Dr. Tim. No overlapping appointments. No passing you off to an assistant, aide, or student. No unnecessary visits. 

Treatment is tailored to each case. A combination of skilled hands-on therapy (joint and soft tissue mobilization and/or manipulation), specific exercise prescription and education/self-help measures are often used in treatment. Other adjunctive techniques (eg, cold laser, ultrasound, E-stim, kinesio taping) are used as needed.

The frequency of treatment is case dependent. Some problems require only one or two visits; other types of problem need intensive treatment 3-5x/week; and some problems require on-going follow-ups to maintain function or prevent regression.

With your permission, Dr. Fagerson will collaborate with other members of “your team” as necessary, eg, Doctors, Therapists, Trainers, Coaches. He will also want to view any diagnostic films/tests performed.

The focus at SOS-PT is getting you healthy, pain-free, fully functional and fit.

Quality service and results are what you can expect.

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