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Unfortunately, the AlterG is no longer available at SOS-PT . However, Dr. Fagerson is still a big advocate of the concept and if you'd like to look into it then check out . You can watch the story about AlterG at SOS-PT here: WCVB .

Tailoring load is the key to healing, rehabilitation, strength, and training. Walking is a critical function for everyday life for the majority of us and running is a critical ability in many sports. The AlterG is actual walking, running, and exercising in a NASA designed unloading environment. 

Here are some examples of uses for the AlterG: 

  • Athletes ("everyone's an athlete") with knee, hip, ankle, foot, or back issues who are limited in walk or run volume/intensity because of pain. 

  • Rehab after cartilage repair surgery, ACL reconstruction, knee or hip replacement, leg fracture repair, to name the obvious cases where graduated reloading is usually prescribed. Alter G can unload you to as low as 20% of your body weight.

  • The Biggest Loser show has found it invaluable. 

  • Someone with poor balance, eg after a stroke.

  • Distance runners who need a day or two per week of recovery runs. 

  • Athletes in sports like soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, field hockey, and rugby who take alot of stress and strain through their legs week in and week out but who need to train the energy systems (without loading bone, joints and soft tissue too much more) - they may hear the mantras "the ball is everything," "running is everything," "you're only as fit as your ability to recover." The Alter G helps meld the potentially competing concepts of run & recover.

No longer does weight-bearing exercise have to be an all or nothing affair: we can tailor gravity to your needs and symptoms.

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